Athlete Doll

This project was created in Software Cinema 4D and rendered in the Octane Render, and the greatest intention during the creation was to look for something that showed great sympathy and thank the eyes of those who see.

To create the character was necessary to use an OctaneSky, and some primitive objects of Cinema 4D, such as Torus, Sphere, Cylinder and Capsule. I also used some modifiers like Taper, Bend, Bulge and Symmetry for eyes, legs and arms.

Below is an image that shows the details of the project.




The post-production did not require much work, it was only necessary to apply a Color Lookup and a Curves effect with some adjustments and the image was finished. I also created some reflexes to contrast with the color of the character, but it is something simple and practically impossible to perceive, but that makes a lot of difference in the end.



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